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Cheeks women's Brown Massage Sandals
Cheeks women's Brown Massage Sandals
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Cheeks women's Brown Massage Sandals
Cheeks women's Brown Massage Sandals
Cheeks women's Brown Massage Sandals
Cheeks women's Brown Massage Sandals

Cheeks® Massage Sandals



  • Black color swatch
  • Navy color swatch
  • Sea-foam color swatch
  • Pink color swatch
  • Brown color swatch
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  • Over 700 massaging nodules
  • Lightweight and flexible one-piece design
  • A secure fit and toe grip bar
  • Plus, our massage sandals are waterproof

Massaging Footbed

Healthy feet are happy feet. With thousands of nerves on the bottom of your feet, it’s important to stimulate and increase circulation to support your feet. Cheeks® Massage Sandals for women feature over 700 massaging nodules that stimulate your feet and provide all day comfort. These massaging sandals may feel unlike anything shoe you’ve ever worn before but that’s okay. It means they are working to increase circulation and support your feet. Make sure to wear your massage sandals for 20 minutes a day until the soft gel footbed and nodules contour to your feet and you reach your ideal comfort.
Massage Sandals feature image
Massage Sandals feature image

Arch Support

Unlike most sandals, Cheeks have arch support so your feet can be healthy even when you're going casual.
Massage Sandals feature image

Gel Footbed

An integrated gel footbed cradles your foot and makes our sandals soft and low impact so you can wear them all day.


Massage Sandals feature image

Keeps your sandals in place without the toe claw

Massage Sandals feature image

They won’t separate

Massage Sandals feature image

Stay light on your feet

Massage Sandals feature image

Wear to store or to the pool

Customer Reviews

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Nora A.

Verified Buyer

5 purple stars in a row

My new sandals are SOOOO comfortable. I’ve bought several pairs and given some to family and they love them too. Want comfort, hate to wear shoes? Then you’ll love Cheeks.

Lesley P.

Verified Buyer

5 purple stars in a row

I wasn’t sure what to expect with my new trainers but I didn’t think they would be this great. They are everything that I could want in an exercise shoe...lightweight, stylish, breathable. Plus they are incredibly low impact. I didn’t think these shoes could make that big a difference, boy was I wrong.

Tina D.

Verified Buyer

5 purple stars in a row

My old flip flops hurt my feet so I never wore them. These Cheeks flip flops support my foot, no more pain. I highly recommend them to everyone.

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